Countryside tour to Kampong Kleang

Countryside tour Kampong Kleang

Once everyone’s on board, we head out of Siem Reap (the city) and drive to the beautiful countryside area. There, we cycle along the red soil roads through some splendid villages On our way, we stop by the local fish market traditional Khmer daily fish trading. After the ride, we take a small break to get a refreshing and well-deserved drink. Our journey carries on with the visit of one of the most impressive floating village in Cambodia: Kompong Khleang. We will board a boat and discover the village. We take you to a stilt house in the village to share a typical Khmer lunch with friendly locals. After lunch, we get back aboard to reach a pagoda located on an island. We always have a great time there, walking by the monk school and watching monks in their day-to-day routine. We’ll head to the Vietnamese floating village. The Vietnamese village is not like the rest of Kompong Khleang, in that it is not composed of stilt houses. The houses there are built on floating objects and therefore float on the Tonlé Sap. The program may change a bit as our tour leader can decide day by day what is the best option, depending on the weather, the ability of our guests to ride a bicycle, and other matters that may lead him to decide to change the itinerary. We then get back to the bus and start driving back to Siem Reap through other rural villages. We stop in one of them so you can get to interact with villagers.

kampong_kleang_-_small_boat.jpg Kampong Kleang
kampong_Kleang_lady.jpg Daily life
kampongkleang-children_boat.jpg Boat tour
kampongkleang_dry_season.jpg Dry season
kampong_kleang_view.jpg Kampong Kleang
kampong_kleang_man_at_work.jpg Daily life in KK
bicycle_oxcart_11.jpg Bicycle tour
monk_hammock.jpg Monk in Hammock
Kampong_Kleang_birdview.jpg Kampong Kleang birdview


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