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All daily Hoi An tours to discover the best places in Hoi An. Operated by VM Travel (excellent service TripAdvisor Certification). View top Hoi An tours Now After the ups and downs of history of Viet Nam, Hoi An ancient town still remains its ancient quiet features moss, simple and honest personality of the local people here. Hoi An is a large trading center and the busiest port in Southeast Asia’s exchanges. It’s excellent choice for trading of businessman coming from Japan, China, India, Spain, etc. When you pay a visit to Hoi An, you will be surprise with the old-aged houses over 300 years. They were built with the architectural layout and type of building from the sixteenth century, the seventeenth …and they still hold its shape. Hoi An ancient town is considered as a unique city which was being preserved safe and sound with an ancient relic that it’s very extremely unique and rich. Nowadays, the traditional houses in Hoi An have created distinctive characters for visitors when they visit this city. Japanese Covered Bridge is considered as the symbol of city with special architecture. This bridge contains the beautiful combination between Vietnamese culture and Japanese influence. It was built by Japanese businessman. The bridge has 18 meter long covered with tiled roof and bent the small water creek to Thu Bon River.


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