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Nepal Kailash Trekking is a reliable trekking company in Nepal. We organize trekking in Nepal Himalaya from rice field to base camp or glacier level. We, Nepal Kailash Trekking have been presenting quality trips that go ahead of our visitors’ hope. We are reckoned among a top-class trekking company in Nepal as we have various choices of trips to present our guests. We were founded on a simple idea to plan memorable trips for you and those are noteworthy words to us. Another major principle of Nepal Kailash Trekking is that Natural, Culture and Adventure environment as well as floras, faunas will stay healthy if only it is conserved. With this belief, Nepal Kailash Trekking has emerged as Nepal's Voice for bringing awareness and actively supporting the natural integrity of this wonderful country. It is our reverie that popular places will be conserved as well as tours in Nepal for future generations to come. Book online your trip to Nepal experience on right hand for Trek the Himalayas such a nature trekking, adventure trekking and cultural trekking (CAN) holidays in Nepal. So, Nepal Kailash trekking company in Nepal has risen as a relatively experienced about trekking the Himalayas, in addition to Tibet, Nepal Kailash Trekking is the Kailash trekking tour specialist too. We do our best to client's wishes during the trips such a trekking in Nepal, whether tours in Nepal or Tibet.

Manaslu_Circuit_Trekking.JPG Manaslu Circuit Trekking
Nepal_Trekking_with_Kids.jpg Nepal Trekking with Kids
Gokyo_Trekking_(Everest_Region).jpg Gokyo Trekking (Everest Region)
Everest_Base_Camp_Trekking.jpg Everest Base Camp Trekking


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 Nayabazaar 16, Kathmandu, Nepal


Monday 7am-10pm, Tuesday 7am-10pm, Wednesday 7am-10pm, Thursday 7am-10pm, Friday 7am-10pm, Saturday 7am-10pm, Sunday 7am-10pm
7/24 hours

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