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LM Holiday


LM Holiday is a market leader for tours. In the Czech Republic LM Holiday s.r.o. is registered from January 31, 2015. ID 037 38 213. LM Holiday employees work for you to stay satisfied, as all of them once were clients and know what satisfaction is. LM Holiday carefully arranges the best tours for you all over Egypt and Turkey. Now you can easily plan the trip or vacation of your dreams with LM Holiday! We carefully select our employees and partners Based on our experience, we try to choose only reliable partners to cooperate with as it is very important for us to make your trip or holiday easy, relaxed and enjoyable. Reliability and security are important to us as well as for you. VIP Service For more demanding clients, we have an option of private trips. If interested, you can write your request on email below. Easy Booking Going on vacation and you have already pre-plan trips where you want to participate? No problem, you can arrange from the comfort of your home. Choose a trip on our website, please contact us through our contact form or email. Would you prefer to wait until after your arrival destiance? No problem, because you can make a reservation through SMS directly from your hotel. Enough to give your name, hotel name, room number and what a trip it was. Many option for payment Another big advantage you have with LM Holiday are payments. We have several options, one of which is the advance payment via PayPal


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 Hurghada Red sea - Egypt


Monday 7am-10pm, Tuesday 7am-10pm, Wednesday 7am-10pm, Thursday 7am-10pm, Friday 7am-10pm, Saturday 7am-10pm, Sunday 7am-10pm




Fair Price Guarantee We offer tours at the most fair prices. Many excursions on our list you will not find in other travel agencies. Our prices are made so as to vitiate your wallet and give you a high-quality service.

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