Banana Hill Art Gallery

For Art lovers visiting Kenya

Our Gallery in the town of Banana Hill, just North of the famous Village Market in Nairobi (click here to see a map) is well worth a visit for any lover of contemporary art from Kenya and Africa. The Art we exhibit is full of life; artists express themselves in many ways through their works, and we are proud to allow this freedom of expression. Subjects vary from daily life in urban and rural settings, to still lives, to abstract arts and traditional African settings, colours and patterns. What all our Art has in common is that they are packed with tales from the heart of Africa. We only select quality art by creative, established and upcoming artists. Our Gallery provides paintings as well as sculptures. We seek to provide fair prices for both our clients and our artists, because bringing clients and artists together is the foundation of our success, and enhances the creation of a culture whereby art and artists are genuinely appreciated for their creative endeavours. We have made their succes our succes; and opening up the incredible source of talent in Africa remains our mission for the future.


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 Banana Raini Road, Banana Hill, Nairobi


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