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About TripStacker

TripStacker provides a simple platform that connects travellers with attractions. Beautiful images and essential information help people to engage and connect with your business.

How much does it cost to join TripStacker?
It is completely free to join and be on TripStacker. There are no fees, charges or commissions.

My business offers a range of activities, can I create multiple profiles on TripStacker?
Absolutely, from a single account you can create and manage as many profiles as you like. We encourage you to create different profiles to promote each aspect of your business.

My business operates in multiple locations, how do I reflect this on my TripStacker profiles?
When you create a profile you can select more than one location from the drop down menu. Using this approach, when you edit the profile, the changes will be made across all of the locations. If you prefer customised profiles for each location, simply create a new profile for each location.

My location is missing from TripStacker, can I add it?
Absolutely. You can add any location you like, from cities to states or regions, you can even create specialised locations which are of particular interest to travellers such as "Central Park, New York". To add your location to TripStacker, login to your admin panel and click the link.

Why does my background image change dimensions when I upload it to TripStacker?
When you upload an image to TripStacker it is converted into dimensions which balance the requirements of different screen resolutions and devices. When selecting an image to use as your background, try to pick a large image which has landscape dimensions (the image is wider than it is high).

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